Global Security Analysis and Simulation

Global Security Analysis and Simulation (GSAS) is a multi-disciplinary organization providing advanced and novel modeling and simulation, research and development, systems analysis, and advanced visualization solutions that supports a wide variety of programs and projects in the area of nuclear/radiological security training and analysis. We specialize in partnering with security-focused project teams to provide expertise in 3D modeling, software development, and security vulnerability assessment that enhances the protection of sensitive materials and facilities. The GSAS team also initiates and develops independent analysis and studies to provide insight and advice to executives and government agencies regarding global security policy and investment decisions.

We use these broad, cross-cutting proficiencies to increase efficiencies, think broadly, develop collaborative projects, and develop new capabilities in support of DOE/NNSA-21’s Global Material Security (GMS) as well as other U.S. and international sponsors.

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