Explosives Analysis of Nuclear Packaging

This course provides Nuclear Packaging Design/Test Engineers and Transport Security Personnel with an introduction to explosive engineering fundamentals.  The course equips packaging professionals to integrate and consider design features for enhanced robustness in explosive environment and aide transport professionals in optimizing security measures.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will have a fundamental understanding of Coopers Explosives Engineering text through exploring the topics of:
   •  Basic Chemistry of Explosive Materials
   •  Thermodynamics of Decomposition
   •  Properties of Explosives Materials
   •  Shock Wave Theory
   •  Detonation Theory
   •  Initiation and Initiators
   •  Blast Effects

The student who completes this course is not expected to become an expert in any topic, however, he or she should have a basic, working knowledge of the science and engineering of explosive materials.

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